Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christmas Cards for 2013

Yes, you read that correctly.... I am working on my Christmas cards for 2013!
For those that are unfamiliar, I decided over a year ago that I would start work on the next years holiday cards in January of the following year and do "about" 10 a month.  That way, by October I should be done with my requisite 100ish cards that I need and I can focus on everything else that needs to get done and not have it "looming over me.".  It's a system that worked tremendously well for me this past year and I have continued with it.  Here's the first design (of many to follow throughout 2013!)  Enjoy!

This card features a silver foil snowflake accented with glitter, 3 beads to create a "tail", plus a red bow at the top and circle with a cute red gem.  It doesn't photograph too well due to the silver foil, but hopefully you get the's so much prettier in person!

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