Friday, February 14, 2014

Kids Creations Valentine Mailboxes

Here's the first set of mailboxes that the kids created.  It was a  huge free-for-all with the supplies....


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Tin Mailbox - Kids Craft Class

Hey everyone!
For all of my locals, hope you are getting all stocked up before the big SNOWSTORM comes.  The way the media is hyping this, it sounds like another Snowmageddon!  Time will tell how much materializes, but I think in my city we could easily see 8-10 inches.  The higher weather model maps show us at 24 inches and every news outlet is now saying definitely 4-8inches and 8-12 inches -  Yippee!!

Anyhow, for all those last minute crafters out there, here's the Valentine Tin Mailbox that I did with the kiddo's in my craft class.  This first one is my sample and I will post the rest of the pix tomorrow to show what the kids created using a ton of various supplies.  I let them utilize their own creativity to decorate it as they desired.  They loved it.  I filled all the tins with various themed treats and they were a huge hit.  From conversation hearts, to red hots, to several "fun size" candy bars, and 3 different colored plastic hearts filled with candy and erasers and a heart shaped lollipop as well as a Little Debbie Snack cake, the mailbox was overflowing and made the perfect gift for them to give a special person in their life.