Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kids class project - pixie stick pouch

Here's a cute little pouch that I came up with on my own. I needed something that the kids could put together fast and would still look cute. It's perfect to be used for any holiday (ie: valentine treats, halloween, Christmas) or even in a "party goody bag". Just change the cardstock colors/stamps/colors etc. and you can totally personalize it. I took 2 picture so you can get a better idea of how "thick" it is etc.

I took the strip of c/s and pre-scored it for the kids, so they just had to fold on the score lines. The sides are held together by 1 staple on each side, then the white c/s was stamped and colored in (to coordinate with the pixie sticks used and c/s colors used) and the c/s was attached over top the staples. I used a large circle punch to punch out the 1/2 circle at the top, inserted the 3 pixie sticks and tied a coordinating ribbon around the whole thing. The kids went nuts for it...(of course they may have just wanted to eat the sticks, but since I wouldn't let them they still seemed to enjoy making the project.)

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