Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Christmas Cards

I have actually gotten a few emails from my friends far and wide asking me "What are your Christmas cards going to look like?" and LOL - "where are they?" Well, I am happy to report that the cards have all been done (a long time ago too!) Back in January of 2008, I promised myself to do 10-12 Christmas cards a month so I wouldn't be "rushed" at the end of year. Considering everything that has gone on, I am SOOOO glad I did. I don't even know if I would have had handmade cards this year if I hadn't done that!

My cards normally go out in EARLY December...we are talking the first week...well, I am totally behind this year. I started including either a holiday photo or photo card in with my actual handmade cards a couple of years ago. We didn't get the picture taken until Saturday night...I quickly uploaded it to Sam's Club and ordered my photo cards online. I picked them up today and started addressing the envelopes...needless to cards should be going out this week :)

Anyhow, as to my handmade holiday cards, I have around 10 different designs that are going to be utilized this year, so I will share them all here this week. (1 or 2 may be repeats from a stamp camp etc., but the majority are new and fresh designs.)

I hope you enjoy them!

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