Monday, January 2, 2012

Stamping/Crafting Goals for 2012...

While you are busy making your New Year's resolutions, don't forget to add in some "stamping/crafting" ones too! For me, I personally want to make 10 Christmas cards each month through October. That way I will have 100 of them DONE before November 1st 2012! I don't know if I will make them all the same each month or vary it up or what. I think it will depend upon how "pressed for time" I get. Anyhow, I plan to post an update every month when I get mine done (along with a picture), so stay tuned for that.

Besides making more stamping/crafting time, I also want to attempt to use up some of my stockpile....I definitely need to get a better handle on that. My DD was working on cleaning up her desk over the holiday break so she has more room to "create"...I need to follow her lead and clean up/organize everything. That's the LONG range plan that I will work on slowly.

Anyhow, hope everyone that returns to work today has a good day back and at least it will be a short week for most people! I will post a picture of some quickie note cards I made over the holiday break tomorrow!

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