Saturday, December 10, 2011

Marine Care Packages - A message from Susan B.

The following message is sent on behalf of Susan B. to our stamping crew:

Hello everyone - For those wanting to help out and/or coming to the December Stamp Camp.....No obligation/pressure at all but I am trying to put another few care packages together for the Marines, including a family friend in Afghanistan. This would be an ideal time for us to clean out unwanted cards we have made and send over, so that the troops can use these to send to their family/friends. No CVS stores on every corner over there! :)

Items appreciated:

**Any unwanted cards
Baby wipes
Lip Balm
Any peanut product (M&M, Peanut butter, crackers, trail mix, etc)
Reading material (Books, crosswords, puzzles, etc)
Special food treats
School Supplies (rebuilding schools - so paper, notebooks, glue, pencils, scissors, erasers, etc)
Anything you think a soldier would appreciate it!

Again no pressure to provide anything but when I heard about greeting cards, I thought of our group. If they want to bring to the card class next week, I can take it from there. Or we can arrange some other way to get it.


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