Friday, March 27, 2009

DD's Book Case with vinyl removable decals

My DD has needed a book case for her room for awhile now. This was a weekend project from the beginning of March that took a smidgen longer than a weekend (only because the paint had to cure 2 weeks before I could apply my vinyl decals.) It started out as an unfinished book case from Michael's (bought with a 50% coupon of course - but they are on sale for 40% off this week!!) I primed it on a Saturday afternoon and painted the first coat of white on Saturday night. Then, I painted the 2nd coat of white on Sunday afternoon. Then we let it cure for 2 weeks and finally on Sunday night, DD and I went ahead and figured out where to put the repositionable & removable decals. We bought 2 packs and still have a lot left. Since I took the photos I added a small butterfly to each side of it (where you see too much white space). We didn't put any on the inside (since they would normally be covered with books and not showing), but now I am thinking I might do it just to use them up. What do you think??

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Karen Mengel said...

Cute bookcase! I love how it turned out.