Friday, October 21, 2011

Kids Halloween Treat Bag/Box

I had a kids Halloween craft class this month too. (Yes, it was a busy month for me with lots of different classes all over!) Anyhow, after changing my mind numerous times on what they were going to do, I finally decided on 2 projects. Here's the first of 2 crafty "treat things" they decorated. I provided the wood gift bags (I painted them black before I gave them to kids) and then they got to choose the background paper, designer paper to wrap around them as well as the ribbons, tag color etc. I saw a sample from another talented designer and had to follow her lead for this project 'cause I have been oogling it for years. I also provided the candy/treats inside the boxes for them so it can either be an "instant" gift for a teacher/friend or they can keep it for themselves. I blew my budget on this class, but they kids really enjoyed them so it was well worth it.

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