Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking at dates for June Stamp Camp...

Ok, last time we all chatted about finding a date or two for June and everyone has a very full calendar. So, here are some dates/times I have come up with as POTENTIAL stamp camps depending on availability...

Please email me and let me know which ones are GOOD or BAD for you....
Thanks a bunch...(PS: Silent Auction at DES is tomorrow....over $16,0000 in merchandise, events, experiences, gift cards, gift certificates etc. is up for bid)
All are invited to me for the deets if interested!

SATURDAY JUNE 11th - sometime after 12 noon
FRIDAY JUNE 17th - normal time 6:30
SATURDAY JUNE 18th -(Father's Day weekend!)...after 12 noon.
FRIDAY JUNE 24th - (possibly open...waiting for confirmation on Girl Scout event). if available, it would be normal time 6:30.
SATURDAY JUNE 25th - (possibly open...waiting for confirmation on Girl Scout event). If open, it would be after 12 noon.\
SUNDAY JUNE 26th - Open

Please email me to let me know what's good/bad...thanks a bunch!

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