Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is it? A picture frame project...

In honor of the snow/sleet/freezing rain we just had, here's a little something from back in December. This was a craft project I did with a group of Girl Scouts. Pretty quick and easy. Due to time constraints (and the fact that they were stamping some holiday cards too,) I went ahead and painted all of their frames white prior to their arrival.

After they got here, they punched the snowflakes in various shades of blue and attached them to the frame. Then they accented with a few crystal gems/jewels. The final touch was using some Elmer's glue to create a few lines/wavy designs/dots as accents and then cover them in shimmery white chunky glitter to simulate snow and tap off all of the extra. (Just like being back in grade school!!) Then the hard part was to wait and just let them sit and dry and make sure the girls took them home and let them sit and dry for a good 24-48 hours. Then they were advised to take them outside and gently brush off any loose/excess glitter that still remained.

Easy Peasy and the girls LOVED them.

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