Friday, February 4, 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops Birthday Card - no stamping - super quick

This is what happens when your kids and their friends start to "outgrow" stamped cards and/or they are only into video games or (if you are lucky...a sport). So, last weekend B. needed a card for his friends B-day. They are both massively into this video naturally that is what the card theme was and the kids all got to go to a place where they can play the games online with a bunch of other kids. Anyhow, I totally wimped out and grabbed some clipart from the web with the Call of Duty picture and then since I had to print the clipart anyhow, I figured I might as well type the sentiment. I picked this font since it was a bit bolder/more masculine. Just printed it out, cut to size/mat it with the accent c/s and of course run a mat layer through the Cuttlebug machine. Easy Peasy and done in less than 5 mins. from start to finish. This is just what I needed since I have been sick with some bronchial "thingy" for over a week and 1/2 and am just now starting to feel a little bit better. Big B. had the same thing only his went into a sinus infection and he's on Antiobiotics now. Mine is finally diminishing on it's own. YAY!

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Tammy Dunlap- Stampin' Up! Demo said...

I know what you mean! I have been doing the same thing! Lol! Great job!