Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crafting with stamps - Frame

I worked on a couple of different crafts last week that I want to share. Here's the first one. The kiddo's had caricatures done of themselves early this Summer at a festival. I wanted to frame them myself (from a store bought frame) and since they were a non-standard size (due to the sketchpad they were drawn on), I had to buy a fairly large frame and mat. It worked out fine for my DS's picture, since it was a navy blue mat and brought out the colors in the caricature, but for my DD's , the large WHITE MAT just didn't look good with so much white space around the picture. So, I checked with her and got her blessing to stamp on the mat. Then I had to get her approval as to what stamp to use and what ink. (Lordy, I did not want to mess this up and wanted something that was pretty forgiving if I did!) Enter, the stamp set ELEMENTS OF STYLE from Stampin' Up! and Regal Rose Ink. I don't have a before shot of the plain mat (just imagine a double mat with the outer mat done in white and the inner mat silver), but here are the finished shots including 1) just done, 2) double mat prior to framing, 3)after framing and of course 4) with my DD holding it :)

I used the standard SU clasic inkin REGAL ROSE (instead of the recommended SU CRAFT INK). I didn't want to have to go through all of my stuff to see if I had the correct shade of craft. (It was at night and I just wanted it done). Anyhow, my DD's room doesn't get direct sun, so that will help with the fight against fading....other than that, time will tell.

If you want to purchase this set (or any SU supplies) you can do so 24x7 from my SU website at:

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