Thursday, December 11, 2014

6 months since my last post - INCONCEIVABLE! How about some cute ballet/dance cards?

Wow - it's been 6+ months since my last post...that's just INCONCEIVABLE!  (Like my Princess Bride quote there??)  Sigh, the time flies by so fast. 

Life has just gotten so crazy and things happen so quickly, that so many things have just fallen to the back burner like this blog :(

Well, hopefully that will change.  I am going to make a conscious effort to get back to posting somewhat regularly.  I am still teaching my seasonal kids craft classes , but for now that's all that my crafting schedule will allow.  With any luck I hope to get my Christmas cards out this weekend!

I did just start a facebook page for my crafts/cards/creations.  It's at:
Feel free to "like it" so you can have the feed added to your Facebook info and see when I post. 
(It's definitely a work in progress and I hope to spruce it up over my end of the year vacation!)

I plan to post at both this blog and the facebook page simultaneously (if I can get my social media stuff to "work correctly") - HA!  I want to share some of the projects and cards that have been done.

I also desperately need to get some purging done from all my various cards/crafts/creations and supplies, so I will be posting stuff for sale (hopefully at both locations) including card lots etc.  Be on the lookout for some clearance items/prices soon ;)

Ok, so onto some cards...these are set 1 of ballet/dance notecards.  Nothing too fancy/pretty straight forward.

Hope everyone is doing well...take care and stay in touch!

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