Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BT broke his collarbone....

Just a quick FYI, BT broke his collarbone on Friday night.  It's a serious enough fracture that he requires "emergency" surgery this week.  It's scheduled for Wed. 10/23 in the late afternoon/early evening cause that's the soonest they can get him in for it.  They will have to "plate" it because they can not do pins on this fracture due to the length of the bone overlapping and something about the size of the pins and the doc said ligament damage.  XAY is scary looking with bones overlapping a lot etc.  Supposedly he is coming home that evening as well.  Please say a little prayer that all goes well and he has a smooth and speedy recovery.  No more football this season and basketball season is out for him.  Don't know if he will want to even attempt a Spring sport either.  Oh and while it DID happen at the High School Varsity football game, it did NOT happen while he was even playing on the field.  He was playing football/catch with friends back on the lacrosse field/horsing around etc.  He got tackled hard (I heard from 1 kid that said they thought he was "sandwiched") plus he fell.  Nothing malicious, but since it was a "friendly" game, he wasn't wearing pads/gear and accidents happen.  He is going to miss 5-7 days of school after the surgery.  I will update when I know more!   

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