Saturday, September 21, 2013

10 years....

Hey everyone - thanks for all the emails.  I figured I would just post here instead.
Yes, I am still an SU demo...(in fact I recently just earned my 10 year pin) :) 
Stamp Camps have taken a backseat as other things needed to take priority in my life.  Yes, I do plan to start them back up at some point and twice now have thought I would be able to, but then something else "popped" up.  I do not have an ETA on when they will start.  I HOPE by Dec. things will settle down...but a lot depends on what the kids are doing. 

The good thing is that I have finally learned to successfully say "NO" to people and mean it/stick with it and therefore I have kept my sanity.  (Made a few people upset too, but that goes with the territory I guess.)  The kids and family are all doing well, so no complaints there and really no complaints all around (except that I am now getting enough sleep - yay!!, but it's at the expense of my crafting time - boo!)

If you need to order any of your Holiday crafting supplies, give me a shout and I can hopefully help you out.  If you still need the new catalog, let me know that too.  As things are starting to slow down this Fall, I will try to post more stuff on the blog and eventually get back to stamp camps and/or classes - just don't know the timeline for it yet.  Oh and yes, there are still 2 holes in my kitchen ceiling....sigh.  Hope you all are doing well AND getting your craftiness on as much as your schedule allows.  Take care- Julie

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