Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Ornaments Craft Class for kids

Here’s a quick peak at some of the ornaments we did recently in my various craft classes.
In one class I had elementary school kids and the others had middle and high school kids and amazingly each group loved the ornaments :)

For this first one, we took wood tags, spray painted them blue and then made snowman using our fingertips and part of the length of our finger covered in white paint.  I wanted to make sure that we did not actually have their "real" fingerprint impression, so the paint is thicker/smudged ever so slightly.  You can see that some of the kids chose 1, 2 or 3 fingers and definitely wanted to give their snow people "personality".
We accented the snow people with paint and tied on a ribbon and viola – instant ornament that a parent would love because it’s made by the kids.

I had the kids sign/date the back with a pearlescent paint pen.


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